Grand New England tour - best dates?

I've booked the Oct. 1 Grand New England tour and am now having second thoughts about whether I should switch to the Oct. 9 tour. I know there's no way to guarantee seeing colorful foliage as the peak varies from year to year, but I don't want to be too early (or too late)! Am wondering whether anyone else who has been on this tour had a 10/1 departure date and was happy with the amount of color.


  • From someone who purely is a very keen amateur gardener, I would think if we continue to get plenty of rain, then the 'fall' will occur later. If the trees remain well hydrated and not stressed, they are going to want to hold onto their leaves a little longer You are not going to know for sure, just take a chance! And Enjoy everything else the tour offers.
  • New England weather Is very changeable, and October is the best month for leaves. Usually, the leaves are gone by Oct 1 in northern Maine, Northern New Hampshire and Northern Vermont, but it is a dicey thing to predict.

    We have had a nice summer so far, not exceptionally hot. Trying to predict a week in advance is a difficult thing, going 2 months is hopeless.

    But anyway, you will have beautiful scenery to see


    I found this link that predicts the foliage and pretty much northern Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire are past peak by the 9th and this trip has most of it in those states towards the end of trip. Based on this would not change to the later trip, if anything might want one earlier, but the weather from now to then could change peak.
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