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My wife and I have traveled a bit, independently and never by tour before, but we have joined Tauk's October 14 Spotlight on India tour. Tauk's Day 12 'Homeward Bound' itinerary is somewhat vague. Air India lists only a single flight (472) from Udaipur to Delhi, departing at 16:40. Is this the flight that Tauk will have booked? If so, what do people do during the earlier part of the day? Perhaps someone who has taken this tour can fill us in.


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    When we took the tour 18 months ago the final documents said we would. 'Enjoy the morning At leisure in this fabulous hotel' or something like that, but when we got the paperwork just a a couple of days before that day, we found out we were leaving the hotel about 6 am for an early flight on a small airline. The flight was fine but that is not what we were all lead to believe was going to occur, so we all spent the day isolated in a nice but essentially an airport hotel. Most of us had middle of the night flights.so we were awake for almost 24 hours before we even got on the plane. our Tauck director left for the U.S. on a early evening flight
    interesting! It is really the only time we have had cause to 'complain' to Tauck about a change in itinerary for no apparent reason. My husband wrote a nice letter expressing disappointment, we got a call and were offered some compensation, so it was dealt with very favorably.
    Don't assume Tauck use Air India, call to ask. You may want to use the extra time to recover from this wonderful but very tiring tour with many early morning starts, the hotel is fantastic, so it would have been lovely for us to just chill.
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    Having left Udaipur so early, you must have arrived at the hotel in Gurgaon before your rooms were ready. Did you have to sit in the reception waiting? Did you even get breakfast?
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    When Tauck leaves a hotel on an early morning the hotel always lays on an early breakfast. As far as I can remember they had an early lunch buffet waiting for us and of course our rooms were ready. Like I say Tauck is a great company and has a lot of pulling power, I've taken enough of their tours to know this, which is why we were confused and disappointed with this one aspect of a wonderful tour. You will certainly see a lot more on an organized tour than on tour own in the same amount of time, avoid queuing and get into places the general public don't get to see on many of their tours. But remember they are tours and not vacations, they keep you busy, get you out of bed maybe earlier than you would if you were on your own. We need that discipline sometimes when we are a little tired, we have to get up then, no choice. An organized tour anywhere is a great way to wet your appetite to go back and stay and see the places you enjoyed most.
    I've had a couple of friends visit India independently and such important places like Varanasi were missed out, when I recount the types of things we saw and experienced generally on our tour they are no comparison.
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    A phone call to Tauck today informs that the flight from Udaipur to Delhi October 25 will be in the morning. Coach will leave the hotel at 8:00 for a 9:50 flight of less than 2 hours. This means that most of the day will be spent at Gurgaon rather than at Udaipur.
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    So it looks as if it's just about the same for you, only at least you know now and can book an earlier flight leaving for the U.S. I guess you will have to have your bags ready for collection from your rooms by 7am an hour before the bus leaves, that's the usual routine on tours. Some of the rooms are quite distant from the dining and reception, so i know for us to have breakfast and have time to pack the final few things in the checked suitcase, we would have to up by 6am. At least you will have had an extra day to 'Enjoy the hotel' as we were lead to believe in our final paperwork. This is a wonderful life reflecting tour and you will be talking about your experiences for a long time.
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    Hello, also a good idea is to book some Spa treatment.. it will relax you for the next journey.. the flight back home.

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