Appropriate clothing for Yellowstone in Winter

My husband and I are scheduled for the 7 Feb 2012 trip of Yellowstone in Winter. We live in a tropical country and would welcome advise on appropriate attire for winter in Yellowstone. What type of boots, jacket etc are best? Is there some apparel to avoid - not recommended?

What has been the experience of others taking this winter tour recently?

Thank you for any help!


  • My wife and I are a veteran of 18 Tauck Tours and we also are booked on the Yellowstone in Winter trip starting on February 7th. Yesterday we received a postcard from Tauck telling us about Necessary Gear and recommending that we use Necessary Gear to purchase clothing needed. I am very disappointed that Tauck handled it this way. If you go to their website and go to the recommended list of items needed for this trip, you will see that a minimum of items will be needed for those who live in parts of the US that have a winter climate. If you go to the site you would think that we each need to spend hundreds of dollars to ensure that we have the appropriate gear. I think Tauck owes it to all of us to clarify what is "really" needed so that their clients don't purchase a lot of unnecessary and expensive gear. After traveling with Tauck for over 15 years this is the first time I think they have gone wrong. Before you purchase thru NecessaryGear I would suggest you check with your travel agent or Tauck to ensure that you don't spend a lot of money for unnecessary items.
  • I got the same card and was wishing we just had a list from Tauck on what we need! We have the garments and shoes! Do we need goggles or do they supply them for Snowmobiling?
  • I have not yet received the card you mentioned. We obviously all have the same concerns. I never thought about snow goggles. My brother who is an avid skier said he was never so cold as when he visited Yellowstone in winter.
  • We outfited our clothing as if we were going skiing! You can go to your local Academy or other stores, just be sure you have layers and very warm gloves good walking boots that are waterproof. I do have a question. I hope we have casualy options for dining?
  • Just returned from the Jan. 29 tour. It was outstanding. Plenty snow, but need more soon. If not much more snow it will make it difficult for the snow coaches. We saw every type of wild life possible, except of course anything that hibernates. It was cold, I bought a pair of flannel lined levis at Cabellas and put them over long underwear and my legs were very comfortable. The food was very good and the lodging was great. In Jackson Hole Wy. the night temperature for two nights was -15 and the streets were very icy and it made walking across streets very dangerout. Be sure to buy a pair of Yaktrax for your boots, they make walking on the ice very easy.
    They pull on over the bottom of your boots and are great. The Wort Hotel in Jackson is very nice. If you like country western music there is a place around the corner from the hotel, it is the Million Dollar Country Bar. They have music every night except Sunday. If you want a great hamburger for lunch to to Billy's, it is just a few places down from the cowboy bar.
    Very casual clothes for dinner worn by all. I wore levis every night, most nights I wore a Pendelton type shirt or a collared shirt. You will have a great time.
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