Currency change

Traveling to Australia. Where do you convert us currency to Aussie? Or charge everything?


  • Easiest place to get Australian dollars is at the airport. Saves speculating where you might be able to find an ATM or even find time to go to an ATM. Most everything you buy or need can be paid for with a credit card. We arrived two days early and stayed a couple of days later but still really could have gotten away with taking no cash with us because even when you go into somewhere like a cafe in Sydney for something like coffee and a pastry as we did, the prices add up to credit card level because Australia is so expensive.
    If you are one of those people who likes to spend time doing laundry on vacation, we certainly don't, so I cannot say if you will require cash for washing machines along the way.
    Australia is a great experience. have a great time!
  • I agree with British. Credit cards and ATMs are the way to go. Be sure to notify your bank / credit card company before you go to avoid fraud blocking. Also, you may want to check to see what the terms are on your credit card. Most charge a 2-3% foreign conversion fee (or more). Some cards have no conversion fee. Shop around for a new card if your card has fees.
  • I used ATM in the mall behind hotel. They say not as good exchange rate. I mostly use my CC that gives me good rate and some offer no exchange fee. Tauck will pick you up and should probably not need any money going from airport to hotel.
  • I generally use two cards . . . a credit card which has no foreign transaction fee charge for purchases, and a debit/ATM card from Schwab. Schwab reimburses all ATM fees, and the account does not require any minimum balance so I make sure I have just what I need in the account (or transfer from another account as needed).
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