Oct 11th 2016 Spotlight on India Ranakpur temple visit

Hello Milena,
I have booked the October 11, 2016 Spotlight on India trip. I am also a solo traveler and the idea of going to Ranakpur Temple while in Udaipur sounds very interesting. However, I just finished reading a description of the Portrait of India trip by another traveler and it sounds wonderful. I'm not sure whether I'll switch over or not. That being said, how did you make your reservation to Ranakpur? Did you actually call India or did you go through Tauck? I also tried contacting you by the e-mail you posted but it would not go through. Awaiting your reply.


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    If I remember correctly, there is a possibility that even if you transfer to the longer Portrait of India tour, that you will start the tour with a 'Spotlight' group and then that group will go home and you will continue on for the longer tour. You might be able to figure that out by looking at the dates of the tours, or more easily, calling Tauck to ask them. This is certainly what happened on our Australia and New Zealand tours, but I cannot remember if that is what happened on our India tour.
    I caution that as Perrignator noted in his very very very long and detailed blog, the itinerary may get changed and that might mean that any free time is not when you expected it to be and it might interfere with any independent plans you have made ahead of time. This is India after all and you just have to go with the flow! There is nothing the local tour director can do about it. The India tour, well the 'Spotlight' one we did, was vey full with some extremely early starts and a lot of sensory overload. I do know that the second part of the longer tour is more relaxed. If you have read any of my other entries on the forum, you may have noted that on our tour, during the limited free time, most of the group chose to rest and only three of our group took one of the offered optional but paid for by Tauck tours , which was wonderful. There is no reason why you will not be able to book extra activities on the day with the hotels, they are top notch and if you have the money they can make it happen.
    Unfortunately, even though it appears that you will be notified when someone reponds to your question on a forum subject, it is not the case, so Milena may no longer be following her entries, or if she does not look for a long time, it may be hard to find. The best clue is to see how many entries she has made in total. If it is just a few and it was a while ago, you are probably out of luck, but hoping you are not.
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    Thank you so much for your speedy reply. I will definitely call Tauck and query them on the various things you pointed out. There is never too much information.
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    Hello Milena,
    Thank you for getting back to me on this regarding booking suggestions. I sent you an email on this before I read your posted message. Will keep in contact. Thank you.

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