How frequently do the snow coaches stop and are there restrooms?

I am interested in knowing how frequently the snow coaches stop and whether there are restroom facilities at these
stops. It appears that some days are quite long on these snow coaches going from one location to the next. How do they handle restroom breaks and how frequent are they? I am a female in my late 60s considering this trip and this is an issue that is important to me. Thank you.


  • When we did this trip in 2013 (and are doing it again in 2016!), there were restroom stops sufficient to Ms. Portolan's needs which, I believe, are average for a woman in her mid-60's. Despite the fact that the interior of the park is only accessible to snow coaches and snowmobiles, many of the interior park facilities like visitor/ranger stations with full amenities are open. As are the remote toilets which will be a bit cold. No facility on the snow coach itself.
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question. I really appreciate it!

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