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We have been looking forward to our September 2016 Rhine/Moselle riverboat cruise. What do we need to be concerned about with possible travel issues/tensions? We trust Tauck and just want to be assured that we will be safe as we travel. Thanks


  • We made this trip last Oct with no problems. Of course the refugee situation was a bit different then and could well be different by the time you travel. Tauck is pretty good at taking care of their travelers so I wouldn't really worry about it at this point.

    As on any trip visiting tourist locations, be aware of your surroundings and valuables at all times. There are pick pockets and they are good at spotting clueless tourists. One gentleman on our tour had his camera stolen from his pocket. Sadly he lost all the photos he had on it. Do some research on the dangers, the scams and the ways to protect yourself.

    Have fun, its a lovely tour.
  • I've been everywhere on this tour, some places multiple times. As with all my visits to northern Europe, I've always felt very safe and right at home. Maybe because I lived in Germany for two years as a young man. The incidents they've recently had there could just as easily have happened here. Drive a truck thru a Christkindlmarkt in Berlin. Or drive a truck down Orange Grove on New Years day. It can happen anywhere.

    So, being almost 70 years old, I simply don't worry. And I've never had a problem. I think your bigger question should be, do we want to travel anywhere at all? Or should we opt for the ultimate in security by staying at home and watching Rick Steves on PBS? I choose freedom and try to get out as much as I can.

    Hope this helps.
  • Sally & George, obviously the choice of where and when to travel is yours but my experience is that whenever security arises Tauck are very switched on so you should feel very safe in their hands.
    As a couple of examples, when we travelled Scandinavia with Tauck we had a visit to a sculpture park where a guide took us round explaining the finer points. At one exhibit when we (a group of Americans and us couple of Brits) stood in a group listening, a fully covered eastern person came close presumably to listen. Our TD was having nothing of that and moved them on. Also, when we were down south at Kerala in India there was a public transport strike on the day we had to move. Fearing that a coach travelling through some villages where strikers could be aroused, Tauck arranged for our coach to have a police escort out of the area.
    I believe you should be confident that Tauck will take the greatest care of you from the point that you enter their "Tour Bubble" until you leave.
    Enjoy your trip.
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