Tipping Tauck Tour Director

I've always used local currency when tipping tour directors. Is this preferred or are US $ prefered?


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    When we were in India, we tipped the tour director in local currency since you at not supposed to take any currency out of the country anyway. A tour director is not going to turn money down whatever it might be, I am quite sure of that.
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    We tipped with US currency that we brought with us. If you are tipping in local currency, make sure you are using the most current exchange rate.
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    I am convinced that there are a number of people on the tours that do not tip at all, partly because they are not sure 'when' is the most appropriate time to do so. The best time is to take an envelope with you to the Farewell dinner. Although we did give Rupees on our India tour, we generally take an envelope on vacation with us and notepaper to write an appropriate thank you note and put aside dollars for the tip. Sometimes we have given a combination of local currency and dollars. The usual amount suggested by Tauck is $8 per person per day.i do wish we did not have to worry about a tip for the tour guide, I would rather it be paid up front like everything else and just give extra to the tour guide if I thought they were exceptional, which in almost every case is true anyway. As I say, I think some people do not give anything.

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