Upcoming Trips, Any Concerns

With the current news with the troubles in some of the Turkish cities, are there any concerns about safety for your upcoming trip?


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    Tauck constantly monitor world wars, disasters and terrorist problems, health hazards and so on and so on, they have to, they have their customers, employees and reputation to protect. If you have a tour booked in Turkey, they will inform you of any changes to the itinerary or the need for cancelation. If you are uncomfortable, you have the option to cancel your tour, especially if you took out the trip insurance, or change to another tour. If you want a more up to date answer because you are really worried, then I would call Tauck to see what their thoughts are right now.
  • I spoke with Tauck via phone on Thursday the 17th since my final payment for June 8th Southbound is due in a couple of weeks, and there were no plans to cancel Treasures at that time. Of course, Saturday's events may have caused them to rethink that position...they did say they were continuing to monitor the situation.

    Personally, I still see the risk as very acceptable. But the bombing in Istanbul this weekend is definitely an escalation in my concern level.
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