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    What is the dress for dinner on the Le Champlain?

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    Wow, not a lot of activity on this forum since 2016. MMcdevitt, this is a user forum, not typically monitored by Tauck, so you won't get a reply from them. I hope you get an answer from someone, but if not, you might want to check out other Tauck "Treasures" (cruise) forums. Unlike days of old on big cruise ships, there is little to no dressing up- certainly no formal evening wear. No requirement for jacket and tie for men or gowns or even dresses for women. A collared shirt and slacks for men and a dress or nice slacks and a top for women. (T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops, won't hack it however! :D )

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    edited April 13

    We have been on 4 Tauck/ Ponant cruises ( including Le Champlain). Business/ smart casual to cocktail attire in dining room ( you will see it all); casual in the buffet. Usually these 2 options were available.

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    On this French ship there will be a mix of French travelers and (mostly American) Tauck guests. Will try to find photos of dinners but in the meantime...the French, especially the women, tended to be rather dressy at dinner. The Tauck guests were a range of dressy casual to attire that was pretty relaxed, like the clothes worn during the day for outings.

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    I hope some of the travelers on this trip in 2024 file reports and give some tips. I also noticed very little activity. We are going in June 2025. I love the Ponant Exlorer small ships.

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