Essence of Japan 2017

Hi Everyone !! Can anyone tell me when is the best time to go on this trip ?? More than anything I want to see the cherry blossoms in bloom ! Thank you


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    My husband has been a very very frequent traveler to Japan. His advice would be to avoid going during any Japanese holidays, you can look them up on the Internet. Of course it will be busy during cherry blossom time too, but the exact dates of best viewing can never be totally predicted, just like the blossoms in DC. I want to take this tour, it looks lovely, I've been to Japan twice myself, I've seen many of the wonderful sites, stayed in a Japanese home and even overnights in a Buddhist monastery, but I would love Tauck to organize my next trip---not so high on my husband's choice but he tells me if we go, we will not be going on Japanese holidays. He has been there on those times, even lived there during some of them, he says it is crazy busy. I have a superb cherry blossom right outside my front door, so I can forgo that experience and our local city park has a Japanese cherry blossom festival, that was his answer to me.
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