Rhine and Moselle southbound May 2016

When our cruise ends in Basel we would like to go sightseeing in the alps. Any suggestions? We have 2 extra days in Basel.


  • We did the same tour in Oct including 2 extra days in Basel.

    On the last full day of the cruise take the Lucerne option. It's a beautiful town great for walking around and the bus ride there has some nice scenery.

    Basel is nice but there isn't alot to do in the town - it's more of a business center than tourist center. On the plus side you get a free tram/bus pass from the hotel. The red Rathaus in the market square and the Tinquely park kinetic sculptures were my favorites. The Kunstmuseum should be reopened for your tour - was closed for remodeling last fall. Google Basel tourist attractions and see if anything else interests you.

    On the last morning of the cruise, they'll bus you to the hotel about 10am where you can check in with the desk (although your room likely won't be ready that early), they'll store you luggage and give you a tram pass.

    If you do want to take a train somewhere, the station is about 3 blocks away. You can walk it or take a tram just outside the hotel entrance. I'll warn you, it's not particularly english language friendly. The ticket machines have an english option but figuring out anything else - like what platform to be on - wasn't. There is a somewhat helpful customer service desk.

    Two possible options not too far from Basel:
    - The Rhine Falls - the largest waterfall in Europe is about an hour train ride north east of Basel
    - Zurich - again about an hour away by train

    If you'd rather have car service, you might want to contact Swissotel directly and see if they can arrange it before you arrive or wait and talk to the concierge when you get to the hotel.

  • Any suggestions for packing with the weather at this time of year?
  • AnilS - sorry for the delay is responding. I've been camping in the wilds of southern Utah.

    I assume you mean spring - probably not that different from what we actually had in Oct, cool temps, occasional rain, not a lot of sun.

    On daily touring I wore long cotton pants, long sleeve tops,a nylon jacket with a hood, gloves and a knit hat. The jacket was particularly helpful since it had so many pockets inside and out that I never carried a purse and even the vox unit could fit in a pocket so that I didn't need the neck strap. I find them annoying after an hour or so dragging on my neck.

    In the evening, make sure to have some sort of wrap or sweater as it can be cold in the dining room if you are sitting right next to the side of the ship. Also of course very cool on the deck.

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