Rhine and Moselle southbound Aug. 24

For Claudia or Gregdude.
I noticed on another topic today that both of you were on Tauck's Inspire last year. We will be on the Inspire going southbound on the Rhine and Moselle ( our first river cruise) on Aug. 24 and I want to ask that annoying question about the necessity of sport jackets. Did the majority of men wear them on the special evenings ( captain's dinner and similar)? We are traveling a few more days afterwards in Switzerland with a couple of train trips and want to pack as light as possible. Thank you.


  • No you don't need a sport or suit jacket. Neither my husband or brother-in-law brought them. Our tour was in Oct with fairly cool and rainy weather. Most men, even on the special evenings like the welcome/farewell, didn't wear jackets. Most wore a long sleeve dress shirt, nice slacks with a pullover sweater and/or tie.

    I wrote a fairly long post back last fall in the Rhine/moselle forum that may have some other useful info for your trip.

    Hope you enjoy. We absolutely loved the Moselle - best part of the cruise.
  • Thank you, Claudia, for your helpful reply. I think that he will not be taking a sport coat this time. We need to pack lighter since we will be "in charge" of our luggage during extra travel days post river cruise. We're looking forward to August 24th. In the meantime, there's lots of summer to be enjoyed!
  • I want to add my thanks to Claudia. We will be traveling on the southbound cruise on August 24 and I was not looking forward to packing a sports jacket! Now it is settled and I will not pack one. We are looking forward to this trip and will be traveling with our sister and brother-in-law.
  • You guys are welcome. Sometimes one writes a response on this forum and it seems to disappear into the ethernet. You get left wondering whether you understood and answered the concern correctly.

  • My husband and I will also be on the Aug. 24 southbound. He will be glad to hear about the sport coats. He absolutely does not like to take one.
  • We enjoy getting dressed for dinner and my husband always brings a sports jacket and tie. We have been traveling many years and love Tauck Tours.
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