calif Gold Coast Tour

We are going on this tour June 9, 2016. We are going a day ahead in San Diego. Does anyone have any suggestions what we should do that day? Also how dressed do we have to be for the night time activities. Many thanks


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    I haven't taken this tour but have been to San Diego multiple times on temp duty.

    Your hotel has a nice website with a list of suggested places to visit.

    The closest to your hotel is Balboa Park. You'll see a little of the park when you visit the zoo but there is so much more to it than just that. It's less than 2 miles from the hotel. Here's link to their website listing all the museums, gardens, attractions, restaurants, etc to chose from.


    Coronado Island is also fun. The iconic Hotel del Coronado is a beautiful hotel to visit, have a meal or drink on the deck, etc.

    Old Town San Diego has some fun shops and restaurants.

    Your hotel also has a concierge and some special programs. This link goes to the hotel services section so you can read about them and/or contact them directly. I'm sure they'd be happy to help you with suggestions and transportation. http://www.usgrant.net/hotel-services

    As for dressing, I doubt you need anything very fancy. Dress shirt/slacks for men and a casual dress or slacks/dressy top for women. Check out the Before You Go, What to Pack section of this website for your tour. I noted there was a dinner cruise one night so be sure to pack some sort of jacket/wrap as it's likely to be cool/breezy. In fact, anytime you'll be near the ocean or at Yosemite you may be glad of an extra layer.

    Hoping you have a great tour.
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    We are on the September 21st tour and are arriving a day ahead. We went to Old Town San Diego many, many years ago and it was great fun. We are going to take the Trolly to Old Town.

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