Alpine Adventure: Neuschwananstein Castle

I received word from TAUCK that they are substituting a different castle for the "Sleeping Beauty" castle. I am very disappointed as this has been a long time desire to see this often pictured castle. I don't care about going into the castle I just want to see the outside even at a distance. Wonder if any other TAUCK travelers feel the same. If so, maybe TAUCK could at least made this concession.


  • Wow, that is a significant change to the itinerary and really strange? There must be some very significant reason why Tauck would do that. A quick Google search yielded nothing. It might have something to do with new castle ticket and tour procedures.

    During our 2014 Ultimate Alps and Dolomites tour our group of 24 Taucktourians was transported to the castle in horse-drawn carriages. We still had to wait for our pre-arranged tour time and take the standard 65 person castle tour guided by a castle employee instead of a local Tauck guide. However, Tauck had purchased all 65 slots just for our small group- no barbarians as they say. Additionally, though the castle guides don't use the VOX/Whisper listening devices, our TD supplied our reluctant guide with a Tauck transmitter unit (plus a few Euros) so we ended up with a much better tour experience that the typical tourist.

    If you are really concerned you might give Tauck a call. Please post what Tauck says.
  • The letter I received from Tauck said the crowds had become huge and they can no longer make reservations for the ride to the castle. My travel agent called Tauck and they said they can change activities. I understand the castle they substituted is much prettier on the inside. I just want to see the outside of the N castle. I have had the poster of that beautiful scene for 30 years.
  • What a bummer!

    I wonder if in the future Tauck will visit Neuschwanstein before and after peak season?

    How about a drive-by at least? That is all they do in Pisa. If I hadn't scheduled a side trip from Venice, the only shot I would have of the Leaning Tower would have been this one I took from the bus window as we sped by on the highway to Viareggio. (FYI, I thought it was the camera angle or lens that made it look like the Baptistry was leaning also. I researched it and discovered it leans as well, just not as much as the tower.)

  • Years ago they used to stop in Pisa, but majority of guests let them know would prefer to do something else. I have seen many trips change with comments I had made on comment cards, because they got many thumbs down on what was on the tours. I just got off the northern Italy tour and one of the best days was a new change this year due to the comment cards.
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