Majestic California july 17,2016

This will be our first Tauck trip with 9 year old grandson. Any suggestions on places to go in San Francisco - arriving 1 day early. Also would appreciate knowing if he can wear shorts at dinners or does he need long pants and dressier clothes. Thanks!


  • Some kid-friendly things to do in San Francisco: take a tour of Alcatraz ( the night tour is particularly scary if the fog is in and the fog horns are going), the cable car line runs by your hotel, but walk down to Market and hop on at the start and ride it down to Fishermen's Wharf, and while you are there, walk over to Ghiradelli Square and indulge in an ice cream sundae. If he is a baseball fan, arrange to go to a Giant's game, if they are playing. Up for a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge?? Pier 39 also has a number of amusements that kids might like. A roam through Chinatown is always an interesting experience and the shops seem to have a strong attraction for kids.
  • It's essential to book any tour of Alcatraz many weeks in advance, the tours sell out!
  • A few other ideas that had slipped my mind: The Exploratorium, located at Pier 15, is a very hands-on experience for kids. There is the Mechanical Museum (Musee Mechanique) located at Fisherman's Wharf that has all sorts of mechanical things (also, the famous "Laughing Sal" machine, which, in my mind, is a bit scary). Fort Point is a historical site located beneath the Golden Gate Bridge (bridge is actually built around it). Finally, there is the Bay Area Discovery Museum which is located across the bridge at Fort Baker in Sausalito. And, aside from any sightseeing, be sure to carry jackets because this is the foggy season and San Francisco will be chilly! Temperatures will be in the 60's for the next two weeks (I am 35 miles away and it will be 80's/90's here). When you go to the Gold Country it will be in the 90's! That's California!
  • Thanks so very much Joyce and British..some wonderful suggestions!!!!

    Anyone else arriving early for the July 17th tour of Majestic California? We are arriving early on Saturday the 16th. Happy travels to everyone!
  • I am planning to take this tour but had to get my family agreed, they are willing to go to India instead of California. We have visited that country already twice but my family is still interested in exploring that country. Thanks Joeyce I can use this place to agree my kids.

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