Tanzania - Grand Family Safari, December 18, 2016

Hi, My family and I are traveling to Tanzania with Tauck's Family Safari. I would love to hear from other families if they are traveling on the same tour. I've been reading all about the things we should pack and medications to consider taking but would love to get more families that are traveling in the same tour!


  • My grandson Brian and I (from Florida) are joining my daughter and son-in-law (California) for this adventure. Brian will be 14 in October, 8th grade. How old are your children?

    This is our first Taulk trip although we have traveled overseas many times.

    Have you heard of any special happenings for Dec 25?

  • Tauck often do unscheduled 'surprises' on their tours, so I would not be 'Surprised' if they schedule something special for you that day. Have fun and post a review here on the forum when you get back!
  • Hi Mardi, my husband and I are traveling with our two daughters. One is 20 and our youngest one is 10 (currently in 5th grade). We traveled with Tauck last year and visited Costa Rica. Our Tour guide did a great job and had a special dinner and dancing for the kids and adults for New Year's. We hope Tauck does something special for Christmas Day as well. We are all excited about traveling to Africa and I'm looking forward to meeting you guys in person.

  • Hi: Could you post on your experience? We will be going in July.

  • Africa 18. The person above has not posted here for 18 months so is unlikely to respond. Suggest you start a new topic heading
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