Laundry facilities in Madrid

We are doing the Spain and Portugal tour followed by the Sicily tour. Does anybody know of laundry facilities in Madrid? We know the hotel can do laundry for us but we're hoping for a wash and fold or even a laundromat nearby.


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    If you want to find something near your hotel, use google. Type in the hotel name or address in google search. Click on the small map, then click on the word "Nearby" on the left hand menu panel. Type in whatever you're looking for -laundromat, laundry service, whatever and it will provide a list. The map will have a mileage scale in the bottom right.

    If you want more detailed directions and distance, instead of using the Nearby function, use the "Directions" button, type in the names or addresses of the starting and ending points then which transport mode - car, public, walking, bike.

    We're considering back to back tours next year and used this to find a laundromat in London not far from the Savoy.

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