Yesterday we had a three hour spa package each, which was wonderful. We arrived at the reception and then were taken to a converted hotel room. We sat outside and had a foot cleaning ritual performed while we watched a family of zebra right in front of us, the Zambezi in the background, yes heaven. Then scrubs and massages. Then inside for body exfoliations and wraps and massages. Afterwards we sat on the patio and were given a beautifully prepared plate of fruit each. We have seen Impala in the grounds now too, very close to our room.
Later in the afternoon, we headed for VIctoria Falls, a ten to fifteen minute walk down a concrete path to the entrance. It was 5pm by this time, it closes at six. It was very quiet, with maybe only two to three other tourists along the trail but lots of young locals hanging around. At the entrance, we followed a young woman who from her name in the book we had to sign, we realized she was going to be on our tour today. She was never asked, but the men asked us if we wanted a guide to go with us because baboons could be dangerous. We said no, we never saw any baboons. Haven't seen any yet. Maybe we looked wealthy. When on the trail, a young man said follow him down another path to see something, we felt uncomfortable and did not follow, that gut instinct definitely kicked in for me. After that, we were extremely aware of our surroundings, remember I said it was very quiet. The falls were at their lowest in volume, which we were expecting because of the time of year and we knew there had been little rain the past two seasons. So no worries about being drowned by any spray which we had experienced on the Zimbabwe side on our last visit here. I actually enjoyed seeing all the exposed rocks instead. We are hoping to go on a helicopter ride this morning, there are four choices of route, so we are awaiting confirmation from the concierge. We had another excellent dinner last night. Mr B had oxtail stew, a Zambia speciality, but it was just like my mum used to make, delicious. I had a local fish. The menu was different than the night before.
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