• Not sure I understand your question. I am concerned, yes, to hear about the injured people and the loss of their homes. Is that what you mean?
  • No, I meant should the people who have booked this tour be concerned that this area that we are going into is becoming an even more than usual major earthquake zone.
    There was a 4.1 quake in Umbria yesterday, April 28th, 2017, the first major quake of the season.
    This forum is not for the discussion of the injured people and the loss of their homes, tragic as that is, it is for Tauck customers to discuss their travel arrangements and concerns.
    If you want to discuss these tragic ongoing natrual disasters, I suggest you find the appropriate forum
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    Good morning Malwat,

    This forum is open to all your travel with Tauck questions and "concerns". Only travelers who can help you with your question/concern should reply. I don't think British understood your question. You were "not" asking about the devastation of the earthquake.

    I will try to help you.

    If you go on, there you can see how common it is for earthquakes in Europe and everywhere else. Just today, there have been 102 earthquakes around the earth in the last 24 hours. I live in the US and there are over a thousand earthquakes each year. The recent earthquakes in Italy have been in central Italy. So to answer your question, I don't really think you should be concerned, but to better answer your question, call Tauck and ask them if any of the places you will be visiting or traveling through were affected by the most recent earthquake. I doubt it. Just remember, if an area is unsafe, Tauck will take another route.

    I will be on Classic Italy Small Groups on 5/18/17.

    Safe travels,

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