Versaille Palace

Does anyone know if tickets to the Versaille Palace is included on this tour if it's not one of the dates that allow exclusive access? I'm thinking of staying one-night pre-tour in Versaille so that we don't miss a visit.
Thank you in advance.


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    Since the private tour of Versailles is new for 2017 there won't be anyone who has been on the trip and knows for sure, however, we've never been given tickets for something that wasn't listed as part of the itinerary. To be sure, you'd need to call Tauck and ask.

    It sounds like a nice add to the trip - to see the chateau before the daily crowds and with a guide. You could certainly arrange your own through some outfit like viator.com or possibly contacting the hotel's concierge.

    Here's a link to the homepage for the palace which I've found has a lot of useful information in planning our visit next year.

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    We were on this tour in May 2016 and had the private tour of Versailles early the second morning as part of the tour. We arrived a day early and Tauck provided tickets to Versailles via the concierge that we used to see the grounds and other buildings on the grounds.
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    Thank you for the information on the Versailles site Claudia, I will make sure to go online and review the best option for our stay.
    MWTravel; since you did this tour in May, I would love to hear your review of the tour.
    Thank you again.

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