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I'm booked on the Magic of Morocco vacation and have booked my air with Tauck. Tauck has routed me from Casablanca, via Paris, home. Does Tauck assist in travel from Marrakech (where the tour ends) to Casablanca?.....


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    The online itinerary says "Tauck's magical Morocco tour ends in Marrakech. Fly home anytime. A transfer is included from the Four Seasons Marrakech to the Marrakech Menara Airport."

    Both are international airports, but if Tauck booked you from Casablanca, I can't imagine they would not book the connector from Marrakech (it is too far for a taxi!). There are multiple flights per day from Marrakech to Casablanca. Are you looking at an email confirmation or just going by what the agent said. The agent may have mis-spoke.

    You should give them a call just to verify.
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    Just found this on, what may be, an updated itinerary..

    "Day 10 - Homeward Bound Complimentary transportation to Marrakech International Airport or Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport is provided from your Tauck hotel"...

    So, all appears to be OK...Thanks for your comments...MEH
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    MEHtraveler: Where did you see what you quoted about travel is "complimentary" from the Marrakesh hotel to the Casablanca airport (CMN)? I can't find it on the Tauck website. A link to the doc would be appreciated.

    My wife and I are doing the tour in November and looking at flights to home (Hawaii) the only one that make sense is from Casablanca. I asked the hotel about a taxi (arranged by them) to CMN, a 2 1/2 hour drive, and it is about $360. There are flights RAK-CMN for about $85 but the earliest flight is not good for my connection at CMN.

    Thank you for your help.
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    I am on the April tour. When I made air reservations (thru Tauck), I was told they are finding connections into Europe then onto the U.S. from Marrakesh to be difficult to schedule without long layovers. Therefore, they are making air departures at the end of the tour available from Casablanca airport. AND they will honor complimentary transportation from Marrakesh to the Casa airport. Only drawback, my flight from Casa to Paris leaves at 8am, and it is a 3 hour drive from Marrakesh, and with a 2 hour pre flight arrival time, that means leaving Marrakesh about 3am! Call Tauck they are always very helpful.
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    We are on the Tauck Morocco trip in March. We booked our own air. We are flying into Rabat and returning from Casablanca. Delta, connecting through Atl. and CDG. Our flight departs from CMN at 7:45am on the return.
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    I am flying to Rabat and arriving on March 25, the tour starts. Departing Casablanca on Tuesday, April 4 to Paris and home to Washington DC. My flight leaves Casablanca at 10:20 am, so will probably have to leave Marrakech at some ungodly hour...As long as Tauck is taking care of the arrangements, I won't complain too much!!!......Queenie, are you on the March 26 tour?...MEH
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    Sorry for the delay in answering. We have been on Tauck Rhine Christmas Market Cruise. It was wonderful.

    Yes, we are confirmed on the March 26 tour. We have done our own air and arriving Rabat a day early.

    Returning via CDG . I will check our details and let you know.

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    Thank you Queenie...glad you enjoyed the Christmas Market trip. I will also be arriving on 25 March in Rabat...flying from Washington DC via CDG...Looking forward to meeting you.

    Heading out tomorrow for 3 weeks in warm and sunny Florida. Enjoy the holiday...MEH
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    Enjoy the warmer weather in Florida. We will meet up upon arrival.Look forward to it.

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