Currency: Riel and Kip? Or just use US Dollars?

For those who have traveled to Cambodia and/or Laos recently, do you have any recommendations regarding exchange of USDollars to Riel and/or Kip? Does this need to be done in advance? Are ATM machines readily available? Or, should we just rely on USDollars.


  • If you go to the tour page and open up the link that says 'Upon Arrrival' you will find a Section that talks about currency and ATMs and so on. Open up all the links and you will find information about all manner of things for the tour like weather information too. I hope to take this tour in the next couple of years and would love you to post a review on the forum when you return. From what I read on the tour page, my inclination would be to just take dollars in small denominations, but maybe someone will reply to you who has actually been to all three countries.
  • In Cambodia, US currency is fully accepted. Bring small bills ($1, $5, $10)- when you buy something, the change will probably be given in Riel. I used lots of dollars with the tuk tuks going to the local markets, to a silk farm and buying small items. Credit cards are widely accepted. In Laos, their currency is used. In the hotels, ATMs are available. Again, credit cards are widely accepted but Kips are needed at the markets, etc.

    I went on this trip in December 2015 -- it was fabulous!! Have a wonderful adventure!!

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