Portrait of India - February 7, 2017

We are booked for the 2/7/17 trip. We will be arriving in Delhi the morning of the 6th. Is there anyone else coming in early that would like to meet for dinner the evening of the 6th? Let us know.


  • Hello,

    I will be coming in on 02/05/2017. I might be interested in joining you for dinner. I was thinking about going to a restaurant outside of the hotel. Here is a list of restaurants I am considering. Let me know your thoughts? The Spice Route, Dum Pukht, Oh Calcutta, Indian Accent, Bukhara, Dashinand The Chinese Kitchen.

    Have you planned on seeing additional things on the 6th or 7th?

    I'm a 53 single female coming on my own. I'm excited and a little nervous about the trip
    Talk soon,
  • Hi Laura,

    My wife Ellen, and I would be glad to join you for dinner. We will look into the restaurants you mentioned.

    We have not yet planned on seeing additional things on the 6th or 7th but would be happy to join you. We are traveling from Chicago through London and then on to Delhi. Where are you traveling from?

    Looking forward to meeting you,

    Alan and Ellen
  • Hi,

    Great, Are you spending anytime in London or flying through to Delhi? I'm flying out of San Diego on 02/01/2017, arriving in London on 02/02/2017, leaving London on 02/04/2017 and landing in Delhi the morning of the 5th. I'm guesing I'll want to rest at the hotel that day and night.

    I'm glad your wanting to go to dinner because I'm not sure it would be safe for me to go by myself at night. If you find that on the 6th your tired and want to stay at the hotel just let me know.

    My full name is Laura Shames so perhaps you could call my room and if I don't anwser please leave a message and we will connect that way.
    Looking forward to meeting you and your wife,

  • Laura, I am still thinking that in the end, you will decide to eat at the hotel rather then venture out on that first free day. Even though you will have a bit of a break in London with your time clock, unless you are super human,you might find the extra effort to get out of the hotel just to eat while still jet lagged, plus the culture shock may just be too much. I think Tauck are still using the Lei Lei Palace in Delhi, it was the Oberoi when we went, so it was farther away from anything. The food was excellent, the staff friendly and we could go straight back to our room if we wanted afterwards, remaining in the Tauck bubble. I think it would be very useful when you return for other readers of the forum if you do venture further to give details of the local restaurants you find and how you got there in that area, since I found the areas we visited in Delhi chaotic with both people and especially traffic and pollution, but we did love the experience.
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    Hi Laura, Allan and Ellen, I would be interested in joining you as well. I arrive (from Canada) in Delhi on February 6th at 21:40 so could join you for dinner on Feb 7th and perhaps some touring on Feb 7th but that will depend on jetlag.
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