Visa for Vietnam

My wife, Mary Jo and I are on the trip starting February 6. Having trouble getting instructions for obtaining visa. Whenever I go to the Vietnam embassy website, it indicates that it is working.

Can anyone help? Has anyone used the visa on arrival process? Can you recommend an online agent to do this?

Looking forward to meeting evaryone, and enjoying the trip.



  • Dear Bob,
    W're on the same trip and we used Visa Central. 844-860-7199
    Good Luck and looking forward to meeting you.
    Barbara & Stan
  • The visa on arrival is quite easy and much more reasonable. We used . Just be sure to carefully follow directions and have the correct currency on arrival. The visa companies really do charge an unreasonable sum, and usually you do most of the work anyway in filling out forms, etc. . We even paid a lot more getting a visa beforehand at the consulate in San Francisco. The VOA we got the second time was much easier and much cheaper!
  • Thank you, I will try it tomorrow.

    we are arriving on Feb 3. going to Halong Bay on Feb 4 for a one night cruise, returning Feb 5 to The Sofitel.
    Are you by chance doing the same?

  • We decided against the trip to Halong Bay but we look forward to meeting you. We, too, are arriving two days early. However we're spending a few days in Hong Kong after the tour.

    Barbara & Stan
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    Hi Barbara and Stan,
    We did the reverse last year - We went to Hong Kong prior to our Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos tour. Had such a great time in Hong Kong -- we had the most wonderful private guide - if this is your first visit to HK, this is the guide for you! He showed us the major sites, but more importantly, he gave us a feel for the city and told us the 'inside story'. He took us to Chi Lin Nunnery, the Nan Lian Garden, a walk through the public housing area and the streets where the housekeepers congregate on their day off (very interesting), a unique temple where we observed and he explained the various rituals involving superstition, lucky sticks etc, plus much much more. We spent 2 days with him and it was a very special and interesting tour. I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie of J3 Tour Hong Kong ([email protected]). I can also tell you that the trip to Vietnam and Cambodia (and Laos) was extraordinary. I loved Hong Kong so much that I am heading back there prior to my Portrait of India trip in February!! This time I am taking a food walking tour of the markets in Kowloon through a company called Eating Adventures, visiting the Hong Kong Museum of History, doing a tea tasting with a pairing of French pastries and an excursion to one of the outer islands. And of all things, we want to take the Star Ferry and go to the Peak - we had no time for that last year!! Last year, we did a food walking tour of Hong Kong Island - through Hello Hong Kong Tours (it was so much fun- and delicious!), went to the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery on Lamma Island and visited the fishing village of Tai O. Yes, it was a busy few days!!

    Whatever you do, enjoy and have fun!
  • Dear Nancy,
    Thanks so much for all the information about Hong Kong. We'll get on it right away.

    Also, does anyone have any reliable information about electric current, converters and the strongest dual voltage hair blower on the market.
  • Hi Stanley, the information on the tour page clearly states there are hairdryer in all your hotels. In addition it tells you the voltage in the countries is 230 to 240, so it is the same as for instance the U.K. To find the type of plug used, just type outlet plug for Vietnam, for example, and see what comes. Most appliances that you are likely to be taking, phone, iPad, computer, camera are dual voltage, so you will just need an adapter not a converter. It's worth reading all the imformation Tauck provides about the tour.
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