sport jacket - Do we need one

I am leaving on 4 Antarctica on January 11th 2017. The travel guide that Tauck gives us suggest bringing a sports jacket. What has your experience been with this? Do we really need one? Any thoughts would be appreciated? tks


  • To me, the jacket question on all of Tauck's tours continues to be the number one topic on the forum, and it is partly Tauck's fault for continuing to have a generic packing list for all their locations, otherwise I cannot fault them and continue to travel with them and enjoy every trip. I will be attending our latest welcome dinner tonight, meanwhile, my husband and I are enjoying the luxury of doing NOTHING for a couple of hours. I've taken a breather from my book, so here goes. The tour I am on, in the packing list, it suggests bringing shorts, but when we got here our note from the tour director suggests wearing long pants to protect from bug bites, fortunately I know that so didn't bring any shorts. Jackets, I can't remember what the tour page said because it is irrelevant to us, my husband rarely brings a jacket, we are moving from an hotel to an hotel to an hotel..... even the very best jacket is going to look not its best in those situations, but anyway, when we got here, the suggestions for the Welcome dinner say.... Attire is neat and casual, a jacket isn't required but it's not out of place either.... thanks, that is so helpful!!! So we will see with glee tonight, the latest count of jackets at a Welcome dinner and the next watch as dressing deteriorates as the tour progresses, that's what we usually observe as people get comfortable with each other and plain tired from traveling. Steven, I am so sorry I cannot help about Antarctica,, I have not done that tour, but someone will give their opinion like I have given mine, who has actually taken the tour, but of course the dress from tour group to tour group will change anyway, but the bottom line, you will fit in whatever you decide. Hey and write us a review on the forum when you return! Enjoy Antarctica!

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