I am considering the Kenya&Tanzania and the Botswana,Zambia,&South Africa tours next year. What are the rules regarding buying souvenirs in those countries? Are we able to ship larger items back to our home? I live in Alaska.


  • Been on this trip, can't remember specifics, but always Tauck's policy on shopping is the same, there is very little time for it, which is why I prefer Tauck. Regarding Kenya and Tanzania, you are mainly in the middle of nowhere. Some of the lodges have small gift shops, when you visit the Masai villages you will have the opportunity to barter with then for necklaces, talking sticks and so on. In Oldovi gorge there is a small gift shop. Not sure what you are planning on buying? I know some places we have visited the tour director tells of goods never turning up in the US or it is very expensive to ship. Since most of the places in K and T that you will be visiting in will not even have a paved road until you get to Nairobi on tour last day, I assume shipping is not easy. Personally, I would not want to leave the hotel to shop in Nairobi. If all you want are African themed goods of a larger size, for me it's easy, I just go to my local Mall to the Africa store and can buy all the same things I bought in Africa. But for you in Alaska, I guess it is not so easy depending where tons re located.
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