power converter for Kenya, Tanzania

We are planning a trip to Kenya and Tanzania. Would really appreciate some info on what kind of power converters to take so we can keep our cameras batteries charged. The converters I have looked at say South Africa. I don't want to buy something and find out I have the wrong connections when I get there. Thanks so much for any input.


  • As best I can tell, Kenya uses a G adapter and Tanzania uses either a D or G adapter. I am guessing most of your electrical equipment is dual powered--meaning they work off of 120 or 240 without a "converter." They still need an "adapter." I am scheduled for the Kenya and Tanzania trip and am not positive about the converter of choice. I am sure a veteran of this trip will come in and tell us.
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    I agree with ndvb. Maybe Joyce will weigh in about the adapter. She also took a very small (cord stows tightly to body), 4 receptacle power strip so she only needed one adapter for all her dual voltage chargers, tablets, etc. If you connect it to overseas (220V) power just don't plug a 110V appliance into it!!!!

    I just ordered one- "Monster" brand- $13 at Amazon:


    Update: Read the Amazon descriptions and look at the photos carefully- there are 3 models of the Monster Outlets to Go- 3 outlets, 4 outlets, and 3 outlets w/USB

    G: adapter:

  • Yes, the "travel outlet" is THE best! Glad you found it so easily, Alan! Anything that saves one from crawling around behind floor lamps looking for an extra outlet, has to be a great asset for travelers! Then there is the problem of remembering where you have plugged everything in! This dandy little device solves all of those woes! You do not need a converter as long as all of your plug ins are dual voltage, and most newer appliances/ electronics are. As far as the adaptor is concerned, I think I used a "C" adaptor. I can't be completely sure as I threw the adaptor in the Baggie with all of the others I've accumulated when we returned from the trip. It would be best to check out which one through a travel company such as Magellans , which has that info on line. If you are overnighting in another country (Amsterdam? Paris?), it would be smart to see what adaptors are used there so you can keep all of the devices you use fully charged.
  • Hey Alan! Thank you for the recommendation about the travel adapter there. I'm going to have to remember that myself, the next time I travel. :)

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