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We will be on the March 10th tour. I have started a blog about our trip and I'll be posting commentary, photos and, maybe, an occasional video. If you'd like to check it out, the link is- http://followusdownunder.wordpress.com.


  • We'll be taking this trip next Jan. Looking forward to following your adventure. Enjoy!
  • Thanks for the link, Susan; I hope you have a fantastic time!

  • susangu wrote:
    We will be on the March 10th tour. I have started a blog about our trip and I'll be posting commentary, photos and, maybe, an occasional video. If you'd like to check it out, the link is- http://followusdownunder.wordpress.com.

    Thanks for the link.
    We are on the April 14th tour.
    Hopefully you will have good info on Melbourne if you go in early.
    I can't wait to hear about the Uluru adventure and Kewarra Beach location.

    Hmmm that looks like a small suitcase. I don't plan to over pack but my case seems larger than yours.
    I'm leaving room for souvenirs, therefore I will definitely be under the 50 lb limit.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!
  • I've bookmarked your blog page. We're on the Apr 28 departure. Really looking forward to it! Have a wonderful trip.
  • We are going on this trip next February. At first I thought I shouldn't follow the blog and be surprised. I could not resist and now I am quite excited. Thanks for blogging.
  • We are home and the trip was fantastic! Thanks to all who followed the blog. I managed to post almost every day, even though the days were long and tiring. It was a learning process for me, and it got easier as time went on. I learned to write a draft note on my iPhone when were were "out and about" and complete the post when I returned to wi-fi at the hotel. I summarized each day's adventures and added photos. If you are on the trip next year or have already returned, take a look and feel free to send any questions or comments my way -- http://followusdownunder.wordpress.com
  • Is the internet complimentary at the hotels?
  • Yes all internet is complimentary on Tauck tours these past couple of years
  • Hi Lori,

    Like British said, yes, the internet is complimentary.
    Just for your awareness (as this hugely surprised me last year when I went on a trip), some hotels you'll stay at have you go in through the regular system, and charge the internet use to your room, and the charges are simply removed before you check out. I was very confused before I got that explanation from the front desk, so hopefully you can avoid an unnecessary phone call. :)

  • Thank you to British and Tauck for the information. We're looking forward to our trip and have really enjoyed reading Susan's blog.
  • We went on the Australia part of this tour. It was in August, so winter in Australia. For us it was the best time to go because we were concerned about it being too hot for us at other times of the year. It was certainly a much better time to enjoy Uluru, no flies and quite cool on our walk there. Melbourne at that time of year we needed a light jacket in the mornings but the rest of the tour was pleasant without a jacket during the day time. We do find for us, when Tauck recommends a light jacket, we are perfectly OK without, but that is just us, we were raised in England where we were used to no central heating and just a fireplace in the living room, the rest of the house was cold. On our last tour with Tauck, when we were coat less, others had as many layers as we would be wearing on an East coast winter day.
    I just read the New Zealand part of Susan's blog, thank you Susan. We will certainly try to stay at least an extra day in Auckland to see more of the area not covered on the tour. That's when and if my husband can find a 'hole' in his busy work schedule and enough vacation time for us to do the New Zealand tour. There's only one downside of living in the USA, the poor vacation allowance.
  • Hi British,

    I keep telling people that July/August is the prime time for visiting the Red Centre! So glad you enjoyed the experience. And yes, it's all about what you're used to … but I doubt anyone, wherever they come from … is prepared for the flies in the outback. I read recently they have been particularly bad this season in parts of Queensland because of the drought. It's even been too dry for the dung beetles to maintain their breeding patterns and to do their assigned job. ;)

    You are spot on about New Zealand and Susan's great blog. I would certainly suggest that people stay on in Auckland. See some more of the immediate surroundings. Make time to visit the Bay of Islands. If your jaw is overworked from dropping after the South Island, just wait till you get to Northland.

    You really do need to do something about that meagre holiday allowance, too. ;))))) (Wishing and hoping …. sings Dusty.)


  • Ladies
    When I went to HI with Tauck I missed the opening events.
    What was the dress for most?
    Are we talking little black dress, cocktail type attire, business attire, simple dress or pants and top, because I know casual was not mentioned.

  • VA2Aussie,

    In my experience, for the opening event, most ladies make an effort to dress for drinks and dinner as they would in any smart environment at home. What can I say? Ladies dress for other ladies (and it is the first reveal) and men … mostly have to be reminded where they are going! The little black dress (or equivilant garment) that you can dress up or down with accessories is the experienced traveller's friend. That might be for you a pair of trousers and top/s that you can mix and match to travel from that smart restaurant to a more casual function on a terrace or small cruise boat. And some sort of wrap or light cardigan or jacket. Men? I give up! Some men will do anything to avoid a) a jacket, b) a tie, c) long trousers or any combination of the above. And they keep telling me here that what they wear is their business. (See what I mean?) A business suit is not required. If your guy feels great in a sports jacket … go him! Appropriate dress for the environment and setting is, in my opinion, sensible and courteous. I swear some women can look stunning in a potato sack. Most men don't. Tauck put it as casual resort wear. I really think that covers most possibilities.

    Specifically for Australia… many American travellers think they are going on safari. You aren't. You are visiting a number of large, very cosmopolitan cities, fashionable resorts and various outdoors, dusty, cold, hot, wet, humid locations. And some of those, depending on the season, in the big cities!

    Go for comfort and practicality during the day. I know some people have a conscious objection to changing for dinner, but after a day on the road or a full day sightseeing, I've never understood that state of mind, or body. Any excuse to fling on a bit of travel bling is a great antidote for tired feet, I reckon!

    Overall rule: common sense. I know, clear as mud.


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