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I'm coming from the west coast of the US and wanted to know how many days before the tour should I make my flight in order not to be too tired before the first day of the tour in Melbourne, Australia. I'm also aware that we lose a day when we fly.


  • We arrived Sunday morning at 10:00. We were fine when the tour started on Monday at 5:00. However there is a lot to see in Melbourne that to don't do on the tour. So there are lots of things to do if you get there earlier.
  • I always tell people to be kind to themselves. Granted, the flight from the West Coast is only a 16 hour hop, but you are losing a day in the process. Provided you are not flying on El Cheapo airlines, sitting on a wooden box & eating stale cheese sandwiches and drinking stuff some wag calls coffee, you will have a quite pleasant experience. But normal people will be disoriented. (Remember if you're not a tad goofy after the experience, you will be giving a very easy tell to the Customs guys and you don't want to do that!)

    If you are taking the Tauck trip you really have very little time in Australia. You only have t.e.n. days, counting the day 1 greet & meet. You're off on day 11!

    So come early. As already advised, there's a lot to see just in Melbourne. I always start an overseas trip with 5 clear days between touchdown and needing my brain back. I use the time to get to know my host city, getting my brain back, appreciating the local history, art & architecture, getting my ankles back, wandering around at a leisurely pace and generally getting myself back in working order. Because … once your Tauck tour starts you will be working at being a traveller and that takes stamina! And we want you to enjoy the experience so you will return and spend quality time with us. Because you know you'll want to …..


  • Hi anyone with information as to the airborne pests at the red centre and precautions to take we are booked on the December 2014 tour
  • If you go in December apparently there will be flies and lots of them, don't bite but very annoying. If you google insects at Uluru, you can find info, like wear hats with netting. When we went with Tauck it was August so no flies and lovely temperatures to walk there, even quite cool in the morning. It's beautiful, it would be too hot for me in December so we had to balance how cool it might be in Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne was cool, we had to wear jackets, but it was a great time of year to go overall.
  • Don't worry, PC49, as usual Tauck have every detail covered. When we went to the Red Centre last October we were all issued with proper fly nets to put over our heads. In fact, I did not need to use mine but several people put theirs on as a precaution.
    That part of the trip is quite stunning and all the indigenous tribal customs and taboos are explained so thoroughly. Within that area the Tauck Director is not allowed to do commentary but a Ranger takes over and makes the whole thing a really enjoyable and informative experience.
    Enjoy your will not regret it!
  • Hi anyone with information as to the airborne pests at the red centre and precautions to take we are booked on the December 2014 tour

    Hi, We just returned from the spotlight on Australia trip and yes, visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock) was spectacular and not to be missed opportunity.

    Yes also to the omnipresence of flies. It was starting to cool down for the season, so although the flies were there, they were not too bothersome, but Tauck did provide face nets. It was really funny to watch people trying to navigate drinking the cocktails or eating the hor d'oeuvres and forgetting that they were wearing netting. Makes for some great photo ops.

    When you are there it will likely be much much warmer and there will probably be more flies....good news, they are annoying, but they don't bite, and they can't get through the nets.

    You will have a wonderful trip!
  • "I always tell people to be kind to themselves. Granted, the flight from the West Coast is only a 16 hour hop, but you are losing a day in the process."

    Love reading all your past posts.

    We just returned from our trip to the land down under. Even flying from the west coast, thanks to the geographically challenged airline employees our trip took 30 hours door to door. BUT, it was on frequent flying miles, business class, on Cathay Pacific, routed through Hong Kong, all in all a pleasant albeit long experience. Since we arrived in Melbourne exhausted, but late at night we were able to sleep in and spend our first day just walking around that delightful city getting our bearings.

    The second day we took a tour to Philip Island and saw the little penguins, and catnapped on the bus trip on the way. It was a perfect day. Our tour started the evening of the next day and we were totally adjusted to our new time zone.

    Wishing all the others a joyous trip, Sherry
  • Hi Sherry,

    Glad you had a good flight with Cathay. I haven't flown them myself but I know that they will have made your geographically challenged flight very enjoyable … if a tad long!

    You can now tell all your friends that you have mastered the Aussie wave! ;) And the community backup. (I don't need to explain that, do I?)

    I've just returned from Macquarie Island where the penguins are as high as an elephant's eye … or at least my waist. Quite a shock for someone who thinks penguins should be just knee high to a grasshopper.

    Glad to hear you had a great trip. You will just have to come back and really see the place!



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