SOUTH AFRICA: Elegant Adventure

What are the baggage allowance for the on tour flights? I am traveling from USA, and have seen conflicting information. Somewhere I saw no more than 45 lbs per person. This is nearly impossible for a 2 week trip.
Also, does Tauck Tours offer any information sessions prior to the trips? Information needed as to what to expect, how to prepare, how to pack, etc.



  • Hi! I am an experienced Tauck Traveller. If you go on to the Tauck Website, find the name of your Africa trip, click on that and then find the section that says--Additional Information, here you will find a section that says NEED TO KNOW It clearly states that on the INTERNAL FLIGHTS of this trip, 44 lbs in the limit, this is strictly adhered to, I believe they could make you pay for an extra seat if you have more weight than that, there is not an option to PAY for excess luggage.
    Start by finding a very lightweight suitcase, pack lightweight clothing and shoes, get used to wearing outfits more than once,or you have the option to get laundry done for you. Admittedly, there are some fancy hotels on this trip, but wear outfits more than once in the evenings. Who do you want to impress with a new outfit every night, not me. Leave expensive jewelry at home. My husband and I do not even take our wedding rings on some trips. When you get to the safari trips you will find that you can't even be bothered to change for dinner, that's what most people find. Again, you are not on the trip to impress people with what you own, but your fabulous personality! Also, no bright colors on safari, the animals do not approve.
    All other additional info is in this section of the website. Apart from obvious vaccines to have like the hep B and C and Childhood illness vaccines boosters and tetanus you will need Malaria medication and a 'just in case' antibiotic and the recommended deet insect repellant-- be careful here, we were a little too liberal with our spraying one time and it made us feel nauseated and dizzy!
    Hope this is helpful
  • Thank you for your response and information. It is greatly appreciated. We are really looking forward to this trip. What did you consider to be the highlights? We are planning to arrive a couple days early to Capetown. Any recommendations for sightseeing that are not included in the Tauck tour? Thanks again!
  • We took this trip five years ago and thought it was great. The itinerary has changed since we were there but highlights are Robben Island and all of the safaris. Victoria falls are unbelievable.

    We, too, went in a few days early. Consider going to Paarl. It's the other wine country and is beautiful. As I recall it's less than an hour drive. If you go be sure to set enough time aside to visit the African Language Monument. When are you going?
  • Thanks for the information regarding highlights and things to do before the tour starts . We are on the September 12th trip.
  • Regarding the 44 pounds vs. 50 pounds on flights within Africa, I just talked to Tauck and was told that the limit is still 44 pounds, despite what you were told. We are also on the September 21 tour. We look forward to meeting you in a few weeks. Look for the three people from Virginia.

    Has anyone gone across the border from Zimbabwe to Zambia at Victoria Falls on the afternoon of Day 11 to see the Falls from that side? If so, what was the procedure and cost? Thank you.
  • Based on my experience on this trip this past May, I would say that they did pay attention to the weight limits that Tauck posts for both the checked and carry on luggage.

    When leaving Cape Town for Sabi Sabi, they were weighing the carry on bags as we stood in the check-in line. Two odd things occurred here. One was if you had a laptop computer you were given a slightly higher allowance. I think it was 1.5 pounds, but as I didn't have one with me so I really didn't pay attention. The second was, I had a backpack for my carry on, when I handed it to them to weight, they said it wasn't necessary as it wasn't a carry on.

    One thing was sure, the procedures at the airports was subject to change all the time. Our Tour Director told us what to expect based on the previous trip, but cautioned us that it might be different for us. Sometimes it was the same and sometimes different.

    Enjoy your trip.
  • Particularly to JRVA above - we look forward to meeting you and we are 4 people from NJ & Naples, FL.
    Regarding the 44 pounds, I called Tauck again, repeated what one of their reps said, they checked
    it further and bottomline, you are right. They apologized for the error and said they were going
    with the 44 pounds so I will leave the ballgown at home! See you then.
  • With regard to luggage weight one post said that a backpack did not count toward your total weight. Is it possible to wear a backpack and carry a large tote bag as well when flying in South Africa on the Africa Elegant Adventure Tour.
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