How bumpy are the game drives?

Hi all who have been -I have mild back problems and am wondering if I should bring an air cushion for the game drives on Elegant Adventure?


  • Roads are extremely bumpy, especially for several hours on traveling days. Found my elbows got the worst of it on the sides of the vehicles as you bumped up and down on your seat and trying to stop yourself lunging from side to side. Lots of exercising climbing up and down on the seats even if no walking exercise. Some people stayed standing when the vehicle was in motion. We sat each time because on our previous safari it was advised to do so and I really did not want to lose my balance and fall. An air cushion might help if you can keep it in place. You can always get a massage at the spa, ours were awesome at Kirawira and were at least halF the price you would expect to pay in a resort in the US
  • I went on this trip last September and I didn't use an air cushion because the roads were not bad at all. I was really pleasantly surprised because on my trip to Kenya & Tanzania the year before the roads were quite bad, to say the least, and I did use an air cushion. You could take it just in case - it doesn't take any room in the suitcase. This trip far exceeded my expectations - you are in for the time of your life. Enjoy!
  • British - Not to mislead sunnycalifornia, but I don't think this is the same trip that you just took. I thought I read where you were in Tanzania and Zanzibar. The Elegant Adventure Tour is in South Africa and the safari portion is in Kruger Park and Sabi Sabi. I agree with you totally about Tanzania - the roads are extremely bumpy there.
  • Hi Black Magic - apologies in order - in fact I did post on the Tanzania forum, because I was responding to British, on that wonderful post recently, and it got sort of 'muddied' about who was going where, and British and I said we would move to the correct forum - Elegant- if I had more questions - sorry for any confusion !

    But I am asking about Elegant. I know when I was in the Falkland Islands off road to get to penguins recently, my back would never have survived without a cushion- but I also understand the difficulty of staying on the cushion and jostling to and fro- it can be a bit of a challenge just to keep a cushion underneath. Also for someone like me - age challenged :-) it might be even more challenging to stay standing as British said. Just going to give it the old college try, folks, and will report back for seniors when I get back. !
  • Hi Blackmagic and British

    On rereading the post I see that British actually said "travel" days not game drives. So I am assuming we do transfers by other than 'cushy' buses at some times, and I am wondering if this is the reference and if we are in fact traveling for some hours in the 'open' vehicles, and if in fact those may be bumpy rides for hours. Any info would be helpful from either of you great posters on Africa.
  • Ok now British is confused! Sorry, I thought you were talking about Tanzania, so please disregard my comments. I have been on the Elegant adventure and it is much diffrent and there you are not even allowed to stand up in a vehicle never mind stand on the seats.
  • Hi Sunnycalifornia - The only time you are in the open safari vehicles is when you are on the safari portion of the trip in Kruger Park and Sabi Sabi and as I said before, the roads are not that bumpy. In fact, after the extremely bumpy roads in Kenya and Tanzania, I was pleasantly surprised. My back is not the greatest either and I didn't have any problem. Don't worry - you will be just fine so go and enjoy!
  • Hi Sunnycalifornia...You hit a home run with your "old college try" manifesto on Saturday (8/2). You go girl!!!!

    Seriously, my wife and I have sampled the "bush" roads from northern Kenya to South Africa and most areas in between. I think a fair generalization can be made that the roads get marginally better the farther south you go. We took blow up cushions with us on our first safari...but left them behind on the last three. Our attention was riveted on the incredible wildlife. Take your cushion, a few Alleve and have a wonderful time.

    Leo M
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