voltage and hair dryers

Did you have to take voltage adaptors and a hair dryer or does every lodging provide 110 current and a hair dryer?


  • the current is 220-240 vaults in South Africa. You need the 3 pin round adapters. Pretty sure these hotels provided hairdryers, they are some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Check the hotel websites if you cannot find he hairdryer details on the Tauck webpage for hotel details. Of all the Tauck tours I have, only one hotel did not provide hairdryers and that was in Tanzania and half the rooms did not have outlets.
  • Hi DianaE,

    Voltage in the hotels is 220 - 230 V. If you plan on bringing electrical devices with you, it's suggested that you bring an electrical converter with adapter plug set, like British suggested, as some overnight properties may not have this equipment. The socket configurations vary between two and three pronged variety, so please bring the entire set of adapters with you.
    Hotels on this tour have electricity throughout the night.

    As far as hair dryers go, yes, all the hotels on this tour provide hair dryers.

    I hope this helps!
  • Yup! Voltage in the hotels is 220 - 230 V
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