Grand Australia and New Zealand

We have never been on a Tauck tour. When the new schedule comes out, we want to consider February 2016. I have several this a small group tour or rather a larger group and how many is that? Were you pleased with the hotel choices? We are in our mid sixties...will we be comfortable with the group? Is Te weather good at that time of the year? Thanks ,


  • Weather in Australia is likely to be uncomfortably hot, especially in the Outback and there will be lots of flies in Uluru. New Zealand will be perfect temperatures. Because this is such a large area geographically it is difficult to pick an optimum weather for both countries. Do careful research to suit your preferences.
    Age, you are perfect for the usual groups.
    Group size, I have never felt I was in a group that was too big on any Tauck tour. Personally I would never pay the extra for one of their small group tours because when it really matters they split the group anyway.
    I have only taken the Australia part of the tour. Hotels were great. Will be taking New Zealand tour in January.
  • Hi Promomann,

    British's advice is excellent; I just have a few minor things to add: The maximum group size on this trip is 40 people for 2015; presumably, it will also be the same in 2016 as well.

    As for the hotel choices, you can see what we've chosen in 2015 on the trip itinerary page under the Accommodations tab, and you can find out all kinds of weather information in the "Before You Go" section, where it is appropriately marked "Weather": Grand Australia & New Zealand

    I hope this helps!

  • I lived in Melbourne in the mid-1990s and took this trip with Tauck in April 2011. The weather in February is going to be quite warm; downright smokin' in the outback and hot on the gold coast. It will be the latter part of summer, so personally I think Fall (April-June) is a better time. Hotels that Tauck uses in Australia and NZ are first class, truly 4 or 5 star. We had a group of 38 and never felt like it was too big or impersonal. We met a lot of wonderful people and enjoyed interacting with everyone on the tour. By all means take this trip, it is fantastic.
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