Proper dress for dinner

On the June 18 riverboat cruise from Paris to Normandy on the Siene, what is proper clothing for dinner? Must men wear a sport coat each evening?


  • I was on the French Waterways and Vineyards river cruise, not this one. Jackets are never required, and some men (including me) only wore one for the Welcome and Farewell dinners. Rarely, did someone wear a jacket to other dinners.

    It's your vacation. You do what you feel comfortable doing!
  • Thank you, that was very helpful.
  • Hi mq,

    I would agree with rabo's assessment; some people may choose to wear jackets at the Welcome and Farewell dinners, but it will never be required, nor expected at any other dinners. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • We did the French Waterways last summer as well. My husband only wore his sport coat for the dinner in Paris and the last night aboard the ship. Might have the first night, but about half of us passengers were late getting to the ship due to a screw up by TGV so it was all we could do to find our rooms, unpack bags, and make it to the reception in time to hear the Tour Directors spiel and crew introductions. Frankly at that point, the only thing I cared about was the glass of Moet in my hand.

    Ignoring the fashion police issue, you might want to pack a sport coat or nice sweater to wear for evenings on deck. We had surprisingly cool and often wet weather in the south of France. Was so thankful I packed a very lightweight rain jacket and a nice sweater. Used them both way more than expected.

    Bon voyage.
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