Weather - February/March

Would the weather generally be better during the 2nd part of February or the early part of March for the Australia/New Zealand tour? I recognize that the climates between northern Australia and southern New Zealand can be pretty different at any given time of the year, but overall which period of time would give you a better experience (visiting Australia first, New Zealand second).

Thanks for your input!


  • Are you talking about the Tauck Australia/New Zealand land tour or are you asking about touring these countries independently? Tauck always goes to Australia first. Anyway, Australia is very hot at that time of year in the regions they visit, whereas New Zealand is perfect, you just have to decide what your priorities are. For me, I hate the heat, so we elected to see the two countries on separate trips. But that may not be in your budget. Do some research on climate and make your decisions. maybe Autumn or Spring may be a compromise.

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