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Our trip is coming up soon and am questioning the evening attire. I have talked and read that women should wear dresses and men should wear dress pants in the evening. I understand that it should be that way for certain dinners such as the dinner at the palace but is that true for the whole 12 days. I also read that women wear capri pants and men wear dress shorts in the evening too. So I am obviously a bit confused. Also what is the recommended attire for the reception that is held the first night when everyone meets each other. Since luggage is restricted I want to limit apparel that is not necessary and yet I don't want to wear the same two or three dresses every night. So any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • I did this tour a few years ago so I am trying to remember. I know that I did not wear dresses. For the welcome and farewell dinner, I had dressy slacks and a top. For the other evenings, I basically wore casual clothing. I sometimes went straight to an early dinner with what I wore sightseeing during the day. There were a few evenings where I sat outside for dinner so a pair of slacks were comfortable. I remember Hawaii as being casual with the men wearing aloha shirts. Some of the women purchased and wore the "typical" Hawaiian dresses.

    I have learned from my 23 tours that a nice pair of slacks and a top are fine for a woman on the dressy occasions. The men sometimes had a sport jacket for the welcome and farewell dinner, but many times the men only wore a tie to dress up his shirt and slacks.

    I hope this helps. I understand that packing is difficult due to the airline restrictions on weight.
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    Shorts, slacks, or Capris for women + an aloha shirt and you are good to go anywhere in Hawaii! Hawaii is the quintessential casual attire state- for both locals and tourists! If you have a really bright or interesting aloha shirt, no one will notice what pants or shoes you are wearing. Since an aloha shirt is typically worn outside of pants, it is very comfortable and cool. If you want to look a bit more dressy, women can wear a Hawaiian print dress and men (and women) a Phillippine barong shirt- white or beige, a bit lacy and likewise typically worn on the outside.

    You and your significant other can wear matching aloha shirts until the TD gets to know you, then one of you switch with someone from another couple- keep your TD guessing ; )
  • We took this wonderful trip in late September of '06. Although most of my clothes were extremely casual, I took a couple of nicer tops that were perfect for early fall here in NC. Wrong! I needed a couple of nicer tops for really nice dinners suited to Hawaii's climate, so I ended up buying something in one of the lovely hotel shops. My husband bought, and enjoyed wearing, three of the colorful Hawaiian shirts. Unfortunately, he's only worn one of them no more than twice since then, so don't go overboard unless you know that you'll wear your purchases several times after you return home. However, I've worn my nicer top several times, so the money I spent was not thrown away.
  • I went on this wonderful trip last May. I didn't take any dresses. Capris and slacks are fine. Shorts in the daytime for most of us because it is very hot. I did buy an Hawaiian dress for the Luau. Some had on a dress but anything goes. I have worn it several times back home. The farewell dinner is outside and I had bought a flowery Hawaii looking shirt at Kohl's and I wore that with white capris. It is a casual trip even though you are staying in elegant hotels. Sandals and flat shows are fine for evening and walking shoes in the daytime. It is a great trip. Have fun and don't over pack.

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