Grand New England, Departing Sept 23, 2015

Just reserved....a year away but anyone else going?
Bette and Bill


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    We are just home from that tour in the small group version. Absolutely outstanding!

    Have a wonderful time. Wish you the same.

    Dinners are long! Two hours plus! Food great but the elegant dining is your entertainment for the evening.

    Every day was better than our expectations!

    Can't wait to do another Tauck tour.
  • Samepenny wrote:
    Dinners are long! Two hours plus! Food great but the elegant dining is your entertainment for the evening.

    Am I correct in understanding that this was the downside of the trip for you?
  • Well said British .....

    Sorry I just couldn't resist that.

  • Glad to hear you are coming to visit us here in Vermont Bette B. This year's foliage has been superb and hope next year we do it even better for you. One thing I can promise is that Tauck will show off our state in the perfect way. Happy Travels.
  • Thanks grand isle Joe. We are looking forward to trip.
    Bette B
  • The long dinners were a surprise to us, but we got used to the idea. We are so busy at home that dinners are quick most of the time. Even in restaurants.

    As we were able to make our own dinner reservations, selecting the times and sometimes dining with others from our small group, we were able to plan photography of sunsets.

    We did enjoy the chance we had in week 2 to have dinner on our own at a restaurant of our choice. We had a light dinner. Needed to do that after so much luxury food.

    It took us a few days to calm down and enjoy being on vacation.

  • Samepenny,
    Sounds as though you really enjoyed this trip. I am a fan of New England and feel very lucky to be able to travel in the area most years. This summer we were on Tauck's Scandinavia tour and our director was G-i-d-e-o-n (sometimes this forum won't permit employee names). He was wonderful and was scheduled to do the New England tours this fall. By chance was he your tour director?
    I know what you mean about quick dinners. Seems like we're always rushing so it's not easy to adjust and have a truly relaxing meal----sometimes even when on vacation. Glad you had time to view and photograph those sunsets!!

  • We had a woman tour director on our small group New England tour. She was excellent.

    Our photos look good

    Our primary goal for this trip was to cool off and everything else was a bonus. Have been in Boston many times for business and really enjoyed actually getting around New England, having all that scenery, fresh foods and, yes, plenty of beautiful scenery. The leaves were great but we're less important to us than the fresh, cool air.

    Am searching Tauck for our next trip likely for summer 2015. Need to decide soon as some dates are already sold out.

  • We are also going on the Grand New England tour on September 22.

    Several years ago we were in this area at the same time and had 1 day of heavy rain due to a hurricane. The day we went to Mt Washington it had snowed and there were icicles on the railings. There is a sign there that says this site has the worst weather in the United States. I will bring some heavy winter clothes and an umbrella this time.

    It is a beautiful area and I am sure you will enjoy the trip.
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