Just wondering if anyone knows how much motion there is on the ship even in calm waters. Is there a likelihood of getting seasick?


  • I do not get seasick, but then I rarely do. If you usually get seasick then you might on this trip, depends on conditions while you are there which cannot be predicted. Most of the traveling is at night, and of course you are frequently not on the ship. One of my favorite tours.
  • Under reasonable sea conditions I doubt you would get seasick unless you are exceptionally vulnerable to seasickness. Like stated by British, most of the traveling is at night. I also concur with British that this is an exceptional tour. It rivals the African Safari trips for the access to the creatures of the Galapagos - both on land and in the sea. In general, they just aren't the predatory type that you see on African Safaris.
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    You are in quite a small ship and at times in open ocean. Amazingly, (and for me it really was!) I didn't get seasick, but I know others did lose sleep ... and a lot else. For peace of mind, I suggest you take some appropriate medication. They may well have have something on board. I'm sure the ship's doctor will take care of you if you need help. That would be the first thing he'd stock! Please don't let apprehension about sea sickness put you off this wonderful, life-changing trip. I expected to suffer but I didn't. The motion of the ship at night just lulled me to sleep. Who knew!

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