Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand trip of March 11, 2016

Hi- I'm Julie and my husband is Herb. We are from New York and are going on the March 11th trip. We are coming in a day early.
This is our 12th Tauck Tour and we're very excited about this trip. We have never been away this long
I was curious how many people are going to take the Malaria pills and what you plan to wear to protect yourself against bug bites.


  • Hi - we are considering this tour so would love you to post your thoughts after going please! Also re weather than time of year. Thanks!
  • Hi Friends, You may avoid bug bites by wearing light-colored, long sleeved shirts and long pants, hats and socks.
    Get more details:
  • Hi, Juliem.
    You are going to LOVE!!! this trip.
    I did it 4 years ago in Nov. and I still enjoy the memories of everything we did. I did not take any Malaria meds, but if you are worry about it, ask your Dr. directly specially now. but the places Tauck stays @ are very clean and in general safe. Always drink bottle water, keep mouth close in the shower and wash hands a lot .
    Take with you some DEET over 75% anything lower won't work. and when you visit the Temples @ the Grand palace and around Bangkok you'll have to remove your shoes, I took a pair of flip-flop ( pedicure cheap flops) and left my regular [email protected] the bus, once back I used the wipes!
    My tour guide was Larry, Amazing, fun, very caring .
    Have fun and let me know if I can help some more.....
  • Hi Everyone, My husband, Richard, and I will be on the March 11 trip as well. We will spend a few days in Hong Kong before meeting the tour in Hanoi. This will be our 4th Tauck tour..all memorable. We live in Tampa and look forward to a wonderful experience.
  • Hi Susan-

    I look forward to meeting you both in Hanoi. We are going into Hanoi a day early.

    Are you taking Malaria pills? We have a prescription, but I haven't filled it yet. Also, Brito, very kindly, added his advice and I was especially interested in his take on the DEET- 75%. My friend has been a pharmacist for many years, and he said not to get more than 25-30%. I am so confused.

    Have you been on any other Tauck Tours?
  • I have indeed never heard of Deet at 75 percent. Once again, we really should not be taking advice from strangers on this site as Tauck has advised. I often say what I would do, but then others do not have to copy, but they could ask questions of their own health providers.
  • Hi Julie,

    We took the Tauck tour in South Africa...loved it...and did use malaria pills but this time we will just be taking repellent. According to CDC there is little malaria danger in the areas of Vietnam and Cambodia where we will be and low danger in Thailand. From what I have read (WebMD and Consumer Reports), repellents with more than 30% DEET are no more effective and increase the risk for skin rash.

    We also took the Tauck tour of Russia and the Baltics as well as the Christmas markets cruise down the Rhine. They were both wonderful.

    See you in a few weeks!
  • Susan-

    I am looking forward to meeting you and your husband. This trip sounds very special. We were in China with Tauck and that was magical.

    How was South Africa? That is somewhere I might like to go. I do have a bucket list.

    Did you or your husband get sick on the Malaria pills? I went to a travel doctor who wanted me to take the pills and my husband is going to a different one on Monday, so we'll see that opinion.
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