vacinations and medications

Do we really need the typhoid shot, hepatitis shot, malaria medication, and travelers diarrhea for this trip?


  • It's up to you, no one can force you, none of these you mention are mandatory to enter the country.
  • British is don't need these meds. Just don't blame someone else if you contract any of these diseases. Have you had any of these? I have had malaria and I couldn't tell if it was winter or summer....I was shivering and sweating at the same time. I've also had dysentery and you'll not like the projectile vomiting and diarrhea, either. Also, if you get something contagious don't be upset if they won't let you back in the country. All of this can be controlled with some minor medications. I don't know what would make you want to not take some of these meds, but you are putting yourself and others around you in harm's way.

    With all of the money you are paying for this trip it would be terrible to have to stay in the hospital or get medivaced out of the region because you didn't take some simple medications. Enjoy the trip.....maybe.
  • I agree with British and sense taking a chance in getting sick. I suggest you Google Passport Health. They have offices all over the US and can guide you as to what is needed for South Africa. My husband and I will be on the May 6th Tauck tour - South Africa: An Elegant Adventure. He is 80 years old and I'm 76, so perhaps age has something to do with it, but our doctor suggested antimalarial medication. We already had Hepatitis A injections when we went to Turkey a few years ago, but we're in the process now of getting Hep B injections. We used to live in Minnesota where they call the mosquito the state bird! We're well acquainted with those little guys and they make their presence known quickly! ritac
  • Good for you for taking your health seriously! Interestingly, I was looking at another travel company this morning and they actively recommend anti-malarials whereas Tauck always skims over vaccines and malarial meds for all their tours which is why I guess some people do not realize they are a good idea. There is of course no substitute for talking to your doctor and travel dr specialists who will also be aware of your health history. The South Africa tour is wonderful, you will want to return!
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