Viet Name, Cambodia & Thailand - February 15, 2016

We've considered this trip for several years and we are finally going. Anyone else signed up for the February 15th departure?


  • We are also going on this same trip. There will be at least two Nancys on this trip as that is my wifes name. We are using the Tauck gift of time so will arrive late on Feb 14th.

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    We are about two weeks from beginning this great adventure. Is anyone else joining us? We are arriving several days before the tour begins.
  • You will love this trip! I took it in September 2014 after being recently widowed. It was magical and very healing. Wish I could go back tomorrow! Enjoy!
  • Felt in love with Vietnam after this trip. In Hoi An, Tauck will offer u 2 pick ups , stay in town and take the 2nd bus... it's worth it. Chaing Mai the four seasons is AMAZING!!! the Italian rest. excellent and the Spa $$$ but great.
    Have and amazing trip and eat all the French pastries possible! they are great.
    If Larry is your TD you will be in great hands, he is amazing!
  • Thank you for sharing your experience in Hoi An! Just days away from leaving...
  • We are considering this trip, and it seems like there is a lot of "fee time". Are there enough things to see and do to fill the free time?
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    I have not taken this tour. Usually, when Tauck offers afternoons of free time, I think I count 4 on this 16 day trip, it means that there is an abundance of things to choose to do in a location and because you can"t please all the people all the time, Tauck offers the chance for you to do what you want. That might be anything from sleeping, spa treatments, golf, site seeing etc etc. your tour director will provide you with many ideas and maybe even help you book what you want to do, that's how I have found it always works. But you also have to put in the work, read, either in guide books, on line or seek information from this very forum. I hope lots of people get back to you. Maybe you could post what your particular interests are to narrow it down.
  • We are on this tour also, and are from Chicago. We are flying Qatar airlines through Doha,arriving on flight QR834 in Hanoi Sunday, February 14th at 2:40 PM. Is anyone else on this flight? We don't have any plans before the tour starts, although we are thinking about taking the Hanoi Street Food Tour ([

    We are looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Jim and Barbara
  • We did the January 11,2016 Tour and returned on January 28. We took two days after the tour ended down in Phuket. You will not be at a loss for things to do in your free time if you like to walk. In Hanoi there is the Temple of Literature. The walk appears intimidating because of the motor scooter traffic but just find the cross walk and walk across at set pace. The scooters will go around you. On the way back you can walk or take a cab. In Saigon, we went to the Zooand botanical gardens. It was one of the nicer zoos we have visited. Again a nice long walk, just take water with you to hydrate. In Bangkok there is a lovely park for walking right off a sky train stop. So a lot to see and do. On our arrival date before the actual tour began the tour director arranged for one of the guides to do an official walking tour of the old colonial quarter. It was a lot of fun and most of our group did it.
  • @Bob B: I am thinking about this tour for next January and contemplating adding on perhaps 2 days in Phuket, as well. How did that work out for you? Did you arrange the flights and hotel yourself? Any hassles getting around? Any recommendations? Did you just beach it or do anything else? Thanks for any input. Randy
  • I was on the Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos tour in late December -- and had an incredible adventure. The countries and the people were amazing. I cannot say enough for Southeast Asia and Tauck. I was in Hanoi for a day prior to the tour and took the Hanoi Street Food Tour. The food was delicious and unique; the guide was adorable and spoke English beautifully. It was the perfect way to see Hanoi - and learn how to cross the street with motor scooters and cars zooming every which way. Our guide explained all of the food we tasted as well as provided an 'insider's guide' to life in Vietnam. Our 3 hours with her flew by. I wholeheartedly recommend the company. Our guide was Nga - at the end of our time with her, she sat down and wrote out everything we tasted and where we stopped. Her handwriting was beyond artistic and truly gave us insight into her culture. We booked our private tour online and the cost was very reasonable - $30 per person. You are going to have a trip of a lifetime!!
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