Where to find reviews

I just wondered where to find reviews from past trips. Stumbled on it once and now can't seem to find it. I'm hoping someone that has just returned from the April 7th will post their experience.


  • Go to Destinations and select your trip. When the trip comes up, there is a bar of green boxes across the top ( itinerary, pricing, availability, need to know, etc.). The traveler reviews for that trip is the last box ( on the right).
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    Be forewarned, however, that there are typically not a lot of reviews for many tours. Evidently, even though they get an email requesting a review, only a small % of travelers return to the website and submit them- in that regard, I'm delinquent (I haven't submitted a review of last year's trip.)

    The reviews are very structured and the length severely limited by Tauck. Most are very positive (deservedly so?), often say the same or similar things, and rarely provide context- you don't know how many other trips (Tauck and non-Tauck) the traveler has taken previously.

    Also, you often quickly get to ones from 1, 2, 3 or more years ago. It is quite possible that the trip itinerary, lodging, etc. has changed since an older review was posted. Other than learning what other people liked or thought was their favorite moment, there is not much in the way of useful information- for that you'll need to come here to Forums- the Active Discussions page and area/tour archives (see below). I check both anyway.
  • Thank you for the info. I do check the forums and it has been helpful. We're 2 weeks away and getting very excited.
  • We just got back from the eastbound trip
    It was fabulous
    you will definitely enjoy the trip and the experience
  • I hope you had as great of a time that i did, was fabulous :O.
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