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We are traveling to Vietnam and are reviewing the Tauck vs. Travelex travel insurance. Also, we are arriving several days ahead of time. Does anyone have comments on which policy to buy ?


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    We have only ever used Tauck insurance for their tours. Fortunately, during our our many tours we have never had to use it, but quite a few people who regularly use the forum have had to use it and very last minute, sometimes as late as the day before the tour was to begin and been satisfied with the service. I have read briefly the Travelex insurance, it appears to cover several things that Tauck customers do not require like car insurance. I would personally continue to use their insurance. The only negative review of Tauck insurance I have read was recently when a customer who DID NOT take their insurance complained because Tauck would not give them all their money back when they had to cancel, they got Christopher Elliott the travel guru involved and even though he felt Tauck was not being generous with the people, I was thinking, why would I fork out all that money for the insurance if I thought I could get Tauck to give me my money back even if i did not bother to buy the insurance? We sometimes take short trips in the US and do not take trip insurance, but we are prepared to lose all if we cannot go in those circumstances. We almost always go a few days early and get Tauck to book our flights, the insurance covers that though I believe there is a limit HOW EARLY YOU GO, you would have to check what that is, I am thinking three days early.
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