MS Joy Eastbound Aug 18

Just wondering who else is going on the MS Joy eastbound, August 18th? First time river cruising and first time with Tauck, so looking forward to this. My passion is photography and my wife and I are arriving in Prague a couple days early so I can have more time to photgraph this city.


  • We just came back from the Prague to Budapest Ms Joy River Boat Cruise. It was on of the best trips I have ever been on. Tauck is an exceptional tour group. Ms joy was amazing. You will enjoy every moment of your trip as we did. (by the way my husband took over 1500 pictures so there is plenty to photograph. Hope you have a great time as we did not want it to end. Enjoy your trip.
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    maribone99---We were also on the ms Joy and came back with about 2,500 photos. Now the fun begins to sort them all out. The trip was just magical. Tauck really knows how to take us on adventures of a lifetime. Ed and Vicki
  • For those who just came back with lots of photos please share some of your favorites. Please share things you enjoyed and things you would skip if you did it again.
  • I think it's really hard to share likes and dislikes highlights unless you know something about the people you are sharing them with. I notice that we are all so different that you might miss out something you did not enjoy, when someone else would love to see or do that very same thing. It's kind of like when some people say the food is terrible on the river cruises and others say it is fabulous, even on the same trip. Could some write a review of the entire trip.
  • Leaving on the 15th to spend a couple of extra days in Prague doing some photograph before the tour begins on the 18th. Got my bags packed a week early and looking forward to relaxing this week before we leave.
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    Had a fantastic time on the Tauck Danube River cruise on the MS Joy and especially loved photographing during the trip and have posted my images at:

    We went to Prague two days early so I could do more photography and I hired a wonderful local professional photographer, Jan Tichy to show us around and to get me to the right places to create great images. Would highly recommend Jan, his website is:

    Tauck says: "How You See the World Matters" as a photographer I totally agree with that statement.





  • Your photos are beautiful. Yesterday I saw your posting on Cruise Critic. Thank you for making the effort on both sites. We leave for Prague in two weeks, and you have raised my anticipation.
    If you have a chance, could you answer a couple of questions? I have been researching what to do in Prague and Budapest in our free time both before and during the tour. Were there any "must-do's" that you particularly enjoyed that did not duplicate the Tauck city tours? I think we will tour the Jewish Museum sites in Prague on our own, and take Tauck's guided walk through Old Town, but we will have additional free time available, and the published itinerary does not indicate how comprehensive its coverage is and where we have inside visits vs. walk-bys. I am also wondering how much free time we will have in Vienna and how we can best use our time there.
    So glad you had a great cruise. I cannot wait. This will be our first river cruise, but not our first Tauck experience.
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