This is a lovely hotel with pretty much perfect room facilities.
good bathroom with lots of towel rails, good for hanging your washed out smalls and that dry easily overnight too. No outlets in here apart from for a shaver, but that is the same as in the UK too. There is a good variety of bathroom toiletries, including conditioner, sometimes not included in African hotels, and a shower cap. A can of bug spray A very good hairdryer. Bottled water. There is very effective air conditioning and ceiling fan. There are two styles of outlets right next to each other too, by the desk, that are sufficient for our needs because we carry a four outlet 'Monster' brand extension cord too. The two outlets are the three round pin type for 240 v and the three square pin type found in the UK. There are some other choices within the outlets too, but we did not see US type. Can't look right now, it's very early morning, it's dark in the room and Mr B is asleep. There are additional little reading lights above the bed. You will find there are mosquitoes in your room every day, but the room is sprayed every night while you are at dinner, but some bugs remain and Mr B pounces round the room like a lunatic killing them. Yesterday while Mr B was waiting to speak to the concierge, a man came up and said he had had an accident in the room, he said he was trying to kill about thirty mosquitoes in his room, fell and broke the back off a chair in the process! Does this also suggest that I recommend taking those malaria pills! You would expect to encounter them here being so near the Zambesi!


  • Interesting you experienced mosquitoes in the dry season.
  • Our tour began today. Our tour guide says it has been exceptionally bad for mosquitoes. Half a dozen in our room when we got back tonight. Despite the room getting its evening spray. Some people have lots in their rooms. I have six bites. You cannot really call it the dry season, the river is right here and there are men spraying the gardens with water right outside the rooms for hours each day. All wonderful mosquito breeding habitat.
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