Weight Limit

The Tauck brochure for Elegant Africa says that the weight limit on suitcases is 44 lbs yet the dimensions allowable are for a 29" suitcase. Does anyone know if this is a hard and fast "rule." It seems impossible to go for 2+ weeks in a 25" suitcase with only 44 lb. weight limit, especially considering that 50 pounds in standard for travel in the U.S. And 70 lbs for international, especially business class.


  • It's the internal flights that are strict on weight. We have taken this tour and recently returned from the Zambia, Botswana and South Africa tour. They were indeed strict on the weight. Half the tour will be with duffel bags. I can't remember whether laundry is free at the lodges, but it was in the lodges on my recent tour. There is no need to change or dress up for the lodges. The Cape Grace hotel is very elegant, so you may want to dress up there, though they will treat everyone the same because it is that kind of place. Probably one of my favorite hotels ever, we had lunch there on our last day in Cape Town, it's far nicer than the One and Only in our opinion. If you haven't travelled much, it's easy to worry that you can't iimagine coping with just 44 lbs, but you can. Start with a very lightweight suitcase, that really helps. You are going to have a fabulous time.
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