Kenya - Tanzania Trip - Camera Gear

How much gear can you take on the small planes? What's the best way to pack gear?


  • It sounds like you have quite a bit of it. If you have one of the camera backpacks like a smaller Lowepro and don't take anything else on the on-tour aircraft except your duffle with clothes, you should be fine. Except for a weight bag, mini tripod, or monopod there really isn't room for a tripod, nor is there an opportunity to use one- you do not exit the safari vehicles and certainly don't have time to set it up and wait for a shot.

    Before our K&T I had planned to take two camera bodies with individual lenses so I wouldn't have to switch lenses while on a dusty, bouncy game drive. Someone on the K&T forum suggested getting and using a 16-300 mm lens (by Tamron) instead. What a great idea! Except for lens wipes, cord to download to my iPad, and a battery charger, that is all I take. The lens has such a wide range, it handles just about all situations. There were only a very few instances when I wanted/needed a 400 mm lens. In those cases I just digitally zoomed/enlarged the photo at home.
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