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How much gear can you take on the small planes?


  • Same answer as in your other post. Which trip are you taking? Both?
  • We were on the Botswana tour last September and the planes carried about 10 people apart from one which was larger and carried all of us. Oh and your pilot may look about. 16!
  • Taking back to back trips
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    Wow Sherp, you will need a vacation when you get back. These tours are very different, it's certainly worth taking both to get a greater view of the safaris and how they operate, the different safari vehicles and rules and different animals that Africa has. I also recommend the Elegant South Africa tour for the culture. Look out for my favorites, geranuke, meerkats and leopard, oh what the heck, add them all, elephants, giraffe, wild dogs, my favorite bird the Secretary bird and all the other beautiful colored birds you will see. The beautiful landscapes, especially in Tanzania. The Kalahari desert. And of course the great people. I will go to Africa yet again, very soon I hope, healthcare and finances permitting.
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