Vaccines for Kenya/Tanzania

Ok so I am very confused about vaccines for Kenya / Tanzania
We are going in July and so far there are so many different opinions on just what you need.
CDC reccomends some but are they overdoing it. remember they are a government agency and we all know
that sometimes they are not working as well as you might expect.
Yes, for sure, Yellow fever. However, Polio, Hep A<B<t..typhoid???
If I were to be working in a medical surrounding or a drug abuser I could see some of these
As I read it from these forums, we will be staying at first class hotels with clean water and
proper handling of food. So why the Hep?? If we are drinking contaminated food or water
yes, typhoid . If thats the case I will cancel now. I don't think Tauck would risk exposure so
my feeling is some of these are un warented. Malaria pills I will bring . But not sure I will take as
I hear they can make you feel pretty miserable.
So please let me hear from anyone who has done this trip or has positive input.
I am not going to get vaccines that are really not necessary.


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    (Your post is a duplicate. You should delete one of them. See what British said in your other post.)

    Yes but, have you played devil's advocate? I think you are approaching this from the wrong perspective.

    What happens if you get injured, get an animal or spider bite, etc.? Can you be sure the person who helps you to your feet, provides initial treatment, the local doctor, or hospital will have the best antiseptic and infectious protocols? Can you be sure every kitchen worker will adequately wash his/her hands each and every time he prepares food? Remember, you can get food-borne issues in the US. My son and I got violently ill from something we ate during Thanksgiving dinner at a 4 star hotel once.

    Don't rely on what other forum members did. Go to the nearest travel doctor and follow all his recommendations. If he differs from the CDC, ask why. Frankly I would err on the side of caution. The cost of these innoculations is budget dust compared to what you will be spending for the trip and airfare.
  • We went on this trip last year and decided to be better safe than sorry.
    We got the yellow fever shot at a travel clinic. No side effects whatsoever. Our arms were sorer with the flu shots.
    We got both HEPA and B first shots which conferred enough immunity pre-trip and then finished up with them 6 months later, and now we are set for life. The typhoid vaccination is given in pill form. Every other day for five days. Also no adverse effects. Good for five years. I believe the brand name for the malaria meds is called "Malarone". Check this out with your doctor. Two days pre trip and then I believe every day and then five days after your return.

    We are going to India this year and are all set except for another round of malaria pills and we are good to go. Yes, there are always those who pass on all vaccinations, but not us.
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    We are doing this trip for a second time in July, 2018. We did Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa last year and had a difficult time choosing our repeat. This one is pure safari so this is where we are going.
    We got hep A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, and malaria pills. Exposure to the local population is limited, but not all of the meals are taken in the hotels. As they said, talk to your doc and follow the recommendations.

  • Hey Sea Lord, greetings from Arusha Tanzania. For Tanzania you will need a yellow fever vaccination certificate. If you will need accommodation in Arusha you can try Villa Poa its an awesome place. If you want to go for a safari please use Greg Adventures they have great services. They will make your trip unforgettable
  • For sure take the doxycycline for malaria. Minimal potential side effects with much to gain in health protection. My partner is a Family Physician who brought his 11 family members on your trip last year. He was the only one who did not take medicine and the only one who contracted malaria. JerryK
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